Customer Testimonials

Nothing makes us happier than to receive letters and e-mails from satisfied SlipX customers. Trying to decide if a SlipX product is right for you? Take a look below at what fellow online shoppers have to say about our products. Already a SlipX customer? Please drop us a line anytime and let us know what you think about our bath and safety accessories. We'd love to hear from you!

All-Purpose Squeegee

This is the most fabulous shower accessory ever made. I have been looking for it everywhere and finally went on line.  I have one in my shower and have wanted one for the other showers in the house for a while.  Thanks!

Maria Shier

Shower Mat

I am soon going in to the hospital for a total hip replacement.  I thought it would be a good idea to "safety up" my stall shower with a non slip shower mat.  I bought your Essential Round Shower Mat.  It is incredible.

I know now that when I come home from the hospital and have to shower with great caution I will be safe.

I also bought a bath mat for the tub.  Every two weeks they go for a gentle "swim" together in the washer and come out as clean as the day they were purchased.  Thanks for such a great product.

William Rith

Shower Mat

"I am very pleased with the item I ordered from SlipX Solutions. In fact, I washed the shower mat in the washing machine and it returned to a state of brand new. I was impressed by that!"

Marcelle on the Round Shower Mat

Extra Long Bath Mat

"Ordered the long tub mat....very happy!! Much better than the others, which kept rolling up underfoot. This one stays nice and flat, and is very comfortable! I'll be a SlipX customer for a long time!"

Nevada H., on her Extra Long Bath Mat

Extra Long Bath Mat

"I justed wanted you to know, I purchased the Extra Long Deluxe Bath Mat and I am so happy with it. FINALLY a bath mat that you can get into the tub and not have to worry about slipping and falling!"

Sharon on her Extra Long Bath Mat

Splash Guard & Shower Curtain Clips

"I am very happy with the shower guard and the shower clips I purchased. Due to a disability I have an unusual shower. These items solved the shower curtain issues I was having!"

Mary F., on the SlipX Shower Splash Guard and Shower Clips

All Purpose Squeegee

"First of all the SlipX squeegee can be hung over the shower water pipe or on a shower caddy. Most squeegees can't. It doesn't have a handle, which is good. In a small, confined shower space it's much easier to maneuver.Your price is right too."

Bill S. on his SlipX Squeegee

Snug Plug

"Truly a pleasure to use your high-quality and very effective "snug plug". I am so pleased!"

June E.

Snug Plug

"I have an old school bath tub with no drain plug- I found this and now I can actually take a bath!!! It sealed perfect- works great. I would definitely recommend it!"

Becky C. on the SlipX Snug Plug

Extra Long Light Blue Bath Mat

"The clear blue bath mat I ordered arrived on time. I did not think it would be as nice as it si. The bath mat is very lightweight and extra long. It stays in place very well."

Anonymous, on the SlipX Extra Long Bath Mat


"This little accessory traps all hair in my bathtub, and saves me from using a gel or liquid clog remover! Easy cleanup, too--once per month, I just pop it into my washer with the laundry. Great product…"

Lillian, on her SlipX Stop-A-Clog


"I needed something to rescue our older plumber from my long hair in the shower. This stays put, does the trick. I highly recommend it for all of you out there who hate using a pipe snake and draino every week!"

L. Williams, on the SlipX Stop-A-Clog

Shower Appliques

"If you do not want to put a rubber bathmat in your bathtub to prevent slipping, these appliques are a great alternative. They attach and remove easily for cleaning and don't leave any marks on the tub, unlike their more permanent cousins. Highly recommended."

Gayle G., on her SlipX Bath Appliques


"I love these drain protectors!! They catch a LOT of hair before it goes down the drain during a shower. I highly recommend these!"

Karoline R., on the SlipX Stop-A-Clog

Bath Mat

"I was in need of some anti slip items for my bath tub so that my daughter could safely take a bath. With our current living situation I did not want to purchase the permanent stick on kind; this fish bath mat was the perfect alternative. I will be able to take it along when we move in a few weeks and it is not so kid oriented that I wouldn't want it in an adult bathroom."

A. Ackley, on the SlipX Big Fish Bath Mat


"This one works great for showers because it has enough holes everywhere to really let water through so it doesn't fill up around your feet. We had previously tried the other kind which is mainly intended for bathtubs and it did not work nearly as well in a stall shower. Also it is soft rubbery so isn't a problem if you step on it. It is clear and unobtrusive. It is great at stopping hair, the hair winds around the lower part and is very easy to pull off. You get two stop-a-clogs in the package!"

R. Walker, on the SlipX Stop-A-Clog


"I have one those OLD drains that has no cover, just a big hole. This works perfectly to help keep my hair OUT of the drain. I love that it has little suction cups to keep it in place. I have been using this one for a few months now and can honestly say that it is by far the best I've tried so far and I've tried a few."

J. Rowan, on the SlipX Stop-A-Clog


"Stop-a-clog drain protectors are pretty good at catching hair in showers. It's soft so it doesn't hurt if you step on it and it doesn't create a pool of water from going down then drain. There will be some pooling but not much. I've tried other traps and they end up acting like a mini stop-plug and you end up standing in half inch of water when you shower. You can't go wrong with this one and it's cheap. Buy a bunch and throw it away after awhile."

J. Rico, on the SlipX Stop-A-Clog


"The product does exactly what it professes to do. I couldn't find another product to cover the open drain and catch hair in my older tub/shower. This product stays in place very effectively with it's 6 suction cups and prevents clogs as long as people don't remove it. It does require a smooth surface, however - the suctions cups won't hold on rough surfaces."

D. Basham, on the amazing SlipX Stop-A-Clog

Extra Long Bath Mat

"It doesn't slip; it doesn't slide, As you take a ride on your backside. It passed our bath and shower test. For us, this bath mat is the best."

Gail C., Bath Poet Laureate, on her SlipX Extra Long Bath Mat

Shower Treads

"I bought this item 3 years ago before we remodeled our bathroom. After not having them for awhile I discovered that I really needed them so the children would not slip in the tub. They work perfect because they are small and clear. It's a great product."

Felicia H., on her SlipX Safety Treads

Bath Mat

"There's nothing like sure footedness in the tub. It could be a lifesaver! Suction cups on the bottom keep it in place. Textured surface provides anti-slip footing. Easy to move and clean. Get on and live longer!"

Kevin R., on the SlipX Essential Bath Mat

Snug Plug

"We just bought a beautiful farmhouse that needed lots of TLC. Three bathroom sinks and two tubs, and not one had a plug that worked or fit. We found your Snug Plug product and put one in every drain in the house. Thanks!"

Mary S., on the famous SlipX Snug Plug

Bathroom Accessories

"To the people at SlipX Solutions:

We have used several of your products and I wanted to write and tell you how much I love them! It started with the cute Tub Tattoos that my daughter adores. Then we picked up your Aqueegee after we installed new ceramic tile in our shower stall. And my husband put up your retractable clothesline in the laundry room - I LOVE IT! Thank you."

Susan H., on her SlipX Bath Accessories

Shower Splash Guards

"These guards really help keep the water from going on the floor! Great buy!"

Satisfied Amazon Customer on the Shower Splash Guards

Bath Mat

"I am so excited to receive my order.I ordered a bath mat for my 1 year old. A similar product in a baby magazine was double the price and they charged 2x as much for shipping. Thank you for being reasonable!"

Christy S. - SlipX Solutions Bath Mats

SlipX Customer Service

"Just want to let you know I did receive the new bath mats and cannot thank you enough for the great customer service. I wish other companies would be half of good as you have been. Thank you again and have a Happy Holiday!"

Shirley W. - SlipX Solutions Customer Service

Snug Plug & Bottomless Bath

"Just wanted to tell you that I am extremely pleased with my order of the bottomless bath and the snug plug from this website. Between them, I can have a nice muscle-relaxing bath in my crummy apartment tub, which was impossible before. The material grips and conforms to my tub better than any others I've tried, and forms effective seals. The fact that they can be washed with the dishes is icing on the cake. When these reach the end of their useful lives, I hope to be a return customer. Until then I will tell everyone I know with crappy apartment tubs about your products and reasonable prices. =) My achy legs and feet thank you!"

Sarah C.