Different Sizes of SlipX Solutions® Shower Liners

SlipX Solutions shower curtain liners are conveniently sized to fit common shower/tub configurations. Need help figuring out which size of shower curtain liner to buy? Use this guide to understand how long a SlipX Solutions “Standard” or “Extra Long” shower curtain liner is and more!

To learn about shower liner thickness, please click here.

We offer standard-sized shower liners, stall-sized shower liners, extra tall shower liners, floor to ceiling shower liners and extra wide shower liners.

SlipX Solutions Liner Size Dimensions About
Standard 70”W x 72”H Our Most Common and Popular Size! Used to protect standard tub-length openings with straight, standard-height shower rods.
Shower Stall 54”W x 78”H These specially-sized liners protect taller, skinnier shower stall entrance ways.
Extra Tall 70”W x 84”H This unique size adds a foot of extra vertical height to our Standard Liner; works well with higher shower rod placements.
Floor to Ceiling 72”W x 96”H This unique size - our tallest - adds a full two feet of extra height to our Standard Liner. Perfect for shower rods placed at or close to the ceiling.
Extra Wide 82”W x 74”H This special size adds an extra foot of width to our Standard Liner, making it the perfect solution for curved shower rods!