How To...

Are you wondering how to clean your newly purchased bath mat? Maybe you're curious how SlipX Solutions® products work. The sections below will provide you with links to our how to information for these topics and many more.

How to Prepare Your Tub Surface

Make sure your newly purchased bath mat, appliques or Tub Tattoos stay securely in place by cleaning the surface of your tub properly. Read on to see what you need to do.

How to Install Treads

Getting the most life out of your newly purchased treads or appliques depends on the technique used to install them. Read our easy to follow, short installation instructions.

How to Remove Treads

Our safety treads and Tub Tattoos feature supremely strong adhesive, which gives them a long, durable life. What happens if you want to remove them? Read our simple applique removal tips.

How to Clean Your Bath Mat

Wondering how or how often you should clean your mat? Learn how to properly clean your bath mat.

How the Stop-A-Clog Works

Want to make sure this hair catcher will work for you? Check out our detailed description.

How the Snug Plug Works

Simple, easy to use and effective drain stopper. Read how easy it is to install your Snug Plug.

How to Install Shower Splash Guards

Keep water off your bathroom floor with our Shower Splash Guards. See how to install them using a short, four step process.

How to Install Shower Curtain Clips

Follow our short tutorial on how to install shower curtain clips. Also, see how to prepare your tub surface to make sure your clips stay attached for many years.