Curious How the Stop-A-Clog Works?

One of the best features of the Stop-A-Clog is its simplicity. Simple design, simple installation and it simply works! Using this bathtub hair catcher will prevent the unpleasant process of unclogging your shower or tub drain weeks down the road.

Installing the Stop-A-Clog

Each Stop-A-Clog package contains two units. With the water running, place one of them over top of the drain hole (as shown in the image) and press down firmly on each of the suction cups.

Your Stop-A-Clog will stay in place for the duration of your shower and will not slow down the draining water. However, it will prevent hair from clogging your drain. Its design makes it really easy to remove the collected hair at the end of each shower.

How to Clean Your Stop-A-Clog

Fortunately, cleaning your Stop A Clog is very easy as well. We have two recommendations:

  1. Remove all the hair and any debris that is collected after every shower or bath.
  2. About once per week, run it through a cycle in your dish washer or with your laundry. This will remove calcium and soap build up. Also if you have higher amounts of iron in your water, regular washing will help reduce staining caused by the iron in the water.

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