Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Bath & Shower Mats

What is the Difference Between a Bath Mat and a Shower Mat?

  • Most bath and shower mats on the market today are designed to do the same thing – Reduce the risk of slips & falls in wet bathing areas by improving traction. The primary difference between the two types is simply their size and shape.
  • Bath mats are typically rectangular in shape, in order to provide good end-to-end coverage in long bath tubs, while shower mats tend to be square in shape, in order to provide better coverage in standard shower stall spaces.
  • SlipX Solutions sells both bath and shower mats – in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, designs, and colors. To find the match that works best for you, simply determine the size and shape of the area you want to cover with a reliable, non-slip mat solution, then take a stroll through our full assortment on

What Materials Does SlipX Solutions Use in its Bath & Shower Mats?


Poly-Vinyl Chloride (*commonly known as PVC) is an extremely popular and common plastic, found in products all around the house. SlipX Solutions uses PVC in a majority of its bath products – from bath & shower mats to shower caddies & soap savers.  PVC products are durable, affordable, and safe for everyday use. They also tend to be very easy to clean.

***PLEASE NOTE – Vinyl bath and shower mats often to have a distinct smell when they are first removed from product packaging. The good news is that this odor is typically very easy to get rid of, simply by running your new mat through a gentle cycle in your washing machine. Some customers also report that scrubbing a new mat with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda is also an effective odor-reducing treatment.

PVC Foam

PVC Foam is a specially formulated version of PVC plastic filled with tiny air bubbles. When used in bat & shower mats, PVC Foam creates a soft, spongey, cushioned feel underfoot.  Compared to standard PVC, PVC Foam tends to be much thicker, lighter, and lower density.

Natural Rubber

SlipX Solutions produces high-quality, non-slip rubber bath mats in a wide variety of sizes and colors. We’ve found that many of our customers prefer rubber over other materials because of its tacky feel, secure grip, and proven durability. Our rubber mats are especially tough, given the high % of natural rubber we use compared to other manufacturers. Our rubber mats are also easy to clean and simple to care for. Because the rubber we use in our mats is relatively cost-effective to source, we’re proud to offer our rubber bath and shower mat products at very reasonable prices.


Thermoplastic Elastomer (*commonly known as TPE) is a newer material option, one that was created in part to avoid potentially hazardous elements occasionally used in lower-quality flexible plastics. When used in bath & shower mats, TPE typically performs as well as products made of PVC or rubber, with the primary difference being TPE’s superior tackiness (*which is very important for non-slip performance). Its inherent tackiness makes TPE one of the most reliable and effective non-slip mat materials available today.

Do Your Bath or Shower Mats Contain Any Harmful Phthalates or BPA?

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in some plastic materials to make them softer and/or more flexible. In recent years, research has shown that Phthalates are potentially harmful to humans, based on the level and duration of exposure. SlipX Solutions does not sell any products that include Phthalates, a fact that we regularly reconfirm via robust testing in qualified labs in both the US and abroad.

BPA stands for Bisphenol A, a compound found in some polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastics are most often used in food and drink packaging, while epoxy resins are often used to coat metal packaging. In recent years, studies have linked BPA with several harmful human diseases and conditions, (*according to the Journal of the American Medical Association), particularly when two precursory conditions exist:

1.     Heat – The act of heating and cooling repeatedly increases the risk of leaching BPA, which is why microwaving plastic containers isn’t recommended.

2.     Consistent Long-Term Exposure – Studies suggest that intermittent contact with BPA doesn’t allow enough BPA to be absorbed to cause harm.


SlipX Solutions® prides itself on offering products that are both effective and safe for us. None of the materials we use in our product line (bath mats, shower mats, and beyond!) contain any BPA.

Do All of Your Bath and Shower Mats Use Suction Cups?

We get this question a lot, usually from:

  • Customers with textured tub or shower surfaces (*since suction cups don’t tend to adhere as well to textured or uneven surfaces as they do to smooth ones).
  • Customers with refinished tub surfaces (*when they’re worried about potential surface damage caused by extra strong suction cups).


Luckily, we offer an effective non-slip mat solution without suction cups called the Cushioned Shower Pad, which works well in both the tub and shower.



Do You Offer Bath and Shower Mats with Anti-Microbial Protection?

We do! For the past several years, SlipX Solutions have partnered with Microban – the world’s leading and most recognized provider of anti-microbial product protection. We currently use Microban additives to protect several of our top-quality products:

Bath mats, Shower mats, Shower liners, Shower curtains, and Adhesive safety treads 


What Factors Determine a Bath or Shower Mat’s Slip-Resistance?

All of our bath mats and shower mats are all designed to provide reliable slip-resistance, in order to reduce your risk of slips or falls while bathing.  The factors that most directly influence the level of slip-resistance inherent in any bath or shower mat are:

  1. The tackiness of the mat material
  2. The number of suction cups on the bottom of the mat
  3. The effectiveness of the suction cup design
  4. The surface texture/pattern found on the top side of the mat (*because that’s the side your feet need to “hold onto”!)
  5. The overall thickness/softness of the mat material (*because the more your feet sink into a mat, the more surface contact you make with it and the more friction/traction is created)

How Should I Clean My Bath or Shower Mat?

All of our bath and shower mats – whether they are made out of PVC, PVC Foam, Rubber or TPE — are easy to clean and care for. We recommend that you remove your bath or shower mat after each use and hang it to air dry. This will help prevent the buildup of soap scum and reduce the risk of any bacteria growth. Regular cleaning and drying will also help increase the useful lifespan of your mat.

All of SlipX Solutions’ bath and shower mats can also be machine washed when necessary, using a gentle cycle. Occasional machine washing helps eliminate any surface-straining that rinsing alone doesn’t address. Please note: Machine washing can also help eliminate the slight but distinct smell that new PVC products occasionally have when they are first removed from their outer packaging.

What is Microban?

Microban is a company that offers a collection of different antimicrobial additives that can be used to protect a wide variety of products from the staining, odor and degradation caused by mold, mildew, and microbe growth on the surface of the product. Microban antimicrobial technologies are typically added to material formulations during production in order to deliver long-lasting, built-in product protection.

Is Microban antimicrobial protection safe?

Microban technology is registered for all applications in which it is used with the EPA, and has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing. It also has a long history of safe use. Microban additives are found in a variety of consumer and industrial products in the United States of America as well as around the world.

What types of microorganisms does Microban protect against?

Microban is not designed to protect against disease-causing microorganisms. Microban is designed to protect against most common bacteria, molds, yeast and fungi that cause stains and odor.

How long does it take for Microban protection to start working?

As soon as the bacteria, fungi, mold or other microorganism comes into contact with your treated product, the Microban protection starts working. PLEASE NOTE: While Microban technology will continue working on an ongoing basis to help keep your SlipX Solutions products microbe free, it isn’t a substitute for regular cleaning routines. Microban antimicrobial protection is not a disinfectant or a cleaning substitute.

Does Microban antimicrobial protection have a lifespan?

Microban antimicrobial protection lasts as long as the product it has been added to. Microban technology is built-in during the manufacturing process of the product material (v.s being applied to its outer surface after production), so it will not wash off or wear away.

 How can I tell which SlipX Solutions products contain Microban?

We clearly label all of our products that contain Microban technology. If you’re shopping in a retail location, the Microban logo will be prominently displayed on the front of our product packaging. If you’re shopping online, we prominently display the Microban logo in our individual product listings, as well as calling it out in each product description.

Do any of your products protected with Microban contain Triclosan?

No. According to the EPA, “Triclosan is an antimicrobial active ingredient contained in a variety of products where it acts to slow or stop the growth of bacteria, fungi and mildew.” Triclosan is used in many consumer products as a preservative. These products commonly include hand soap, toothpaste, cosmetics and other household products.  None of the Microban antimicrobial formulations used in SlipX Solutions products include Triclosan.

My safety mat arrived folded, and now has significant creases/folds. How can I get rid of them?

When folded for long periods of time during transit, some of our larger safety mats may develop crease lines. While these creases inevitably relax over time, we have found that you can speed up that process by running your mat under hot water, putting your mat in your washing machine with your regular laundry for a full cycle, and/or laying your mat out flat on a warm, sunny day. Placing your mat under a flat, heavy object overnight can also help eliminate stubborn fold/crease lines.


Questions About The Quick-Dry Transition Mat

What is it?

The SlipX Solutions Quick-Dry Transition Mat is a special drying platform made of Diatomaceous Earth – basically, the fossilized remains of microalgae.  If you look at Diatomaceous Earth under a microscope, you can see it is riddled with millions of tiny spaces and cavities. These cavities capture and hold moisture (*from wet feet, wet hands, wet dishes, and so on), whisking it away from the wet surface and trapping it until it evaporates. 

The result? The SlipX Solutions Quick-Dry Transition Mat wicks moisture from your feet in a single step as you exit your tub or shower. This absorbent bath mat replaces soggy bath rugs that take forever to dry; drying in seconds to leave your bathroom floor safer and more comfortable.

Will it mold?

Because of its quick-drying properties, Diatomaceous Earth is extremely resistant to any mold or mildew growth.  That said, the quick-drying material does require a little time to dry completely. After use, we recommend that you stand your Quick-Dry Transition mat up on one edge to expose both faces of the mat to air in order to encourage evaporation. 

How should I clean my Quick-Dry Transition Mat?

In most cases, simply wiping down your Transition Mat occasionally with a damp sponge w is all that it takes to keep it nice and clean. If your mat develops any light surface staining, feel free to scrub the affected areas with a standard scrub brush or even some very fine-grit sandpaper. Gently abrading the top surface of your mat will help lift away stains and unclog surface pores that can get clogged with dust and dirt over time. Cleaning your mat surface like this should also help it absorb water – and dry out – more quickly.  

Finally, for a deeper clean – you can wipe your Quick-Dry Transition Mat down with a water and bleach solution on both the front and the back.  To help your mat dry out completely after a bleach treatment, we recommend standing the mat on end in a very dry location for several days.  If you can find a sunny spot to dry your mat, even better! Direct sunlight can be a powerful mold and mildew deterrent.

I have stained concrete floors. Will this product scratch them?

Placing the (included) rug pad underneath your Quick-Dry Bath Mat will help secure it to your bathroom floor and provide an effective protective barrier between the mat and your floor surface.

Is there anything on the bottom of the mat to cushion it with the floor below?

Every SlipX Solutions Transition Mat comes complete with its own non-slip rug pad. Simply place the rug pad underneath your Quick-Dry mat to help secure it to your bathroom floor.

Is there a loop on the back of the Quick-Dry Mat so I can hang it to dry?

Our mat does not feature any sort of attached hanging loop. To encourage fast and complete drying, simply stand your mat on an edge to increase air circulation over any damp mat surfaces. 

Will this mat crack or break?

While no Diatomaceous Earth product is 100% unbreakable, we have conducted rigorous durability testing to ensure that our mat products are extremely well made and built will last. Although cracks or breaks are always a small risk, our mat is specifically designed to be durable under heavy use.

How thick is the SlipX Solutions Quick-Dry Mat?

Our mat is .36″ thick.

Is the Quick-Dry Mat safe to use as a dish drying mat in the kitchen?

Absolutely!  Our Quick-Dry Mat was designed and tested for multiple uses, including (*but not limited to):

  • A foot-drying mat for outside of the tub or shower.
  • A dish-drying mat
  • A water control mat – perfect for underneath house plants, dog food dishes, door entries, and more.

Questions About Adhesive Bath Safety Treads

What Kinds of Adhesive Safety Treads Does SlipX Solutions Sell?

Adhesive Safety Treads – Simple in design, our family of rectangular safety treads/strips are useful all over the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the garage and even the pool/hot tub. They are extremely popular with boat and RV owners as well!

Mountable on just about any smooth surface using a strong, hydrophobic adhesive, our non-slip safety treads offer effective slip resistance and added grip for an extremely reasonable price. Available in a variety of lengths, widths, and colors.  Click here to see our full collection on

Adhesive Safety Shapes/Designs – If plain, “boring” no-slip safety strips aren’t your style, SlipX Solutions also offers a collection of other adhesive safety shapes – from flowers to animal paws to geometric shapes. Click here to see what options you have to choose from.

Kid-Friendly Adhesive Tub Tattoos – Our popular Tub Tattoo safety characters have been keeping kids safe and happy in the tub for over 40 years. Click here to see our current lineup of fun, friendly characters!

How Should I Prepare My Tub Surface Before Installing Adhesive Safety Treads or Shapes?

Several factors can affect how well our non-slip bathroom products stay put in your bathtub or shower – including where you live, how hard your water supply is, and your family’s bathing habits.  That said, if you follow the steps outlined below, your adhesive shapes, tub tattoos, or non-slip treads from SlipX Solutions® should adhere securely and last a long time.  Please Note – All SlipX Solutions adhesive non-slip products are designed to be adhered to smooth surfaces only. Surface textures and/or uneven surfaces may negatively affect adhesion.

Pre-Installation Cleaning Instructions

  • Clean your tub or shower surface as you normally would. Make sure not to use a silicon-based cleaning solution. (*Comet is a non-silicon cleanser that typically works well.)
  • Thoroughly dry your mounting surface, either by letting it air dry or rubbing the surface briskly with a dry towel.
  • Wipe down your mounting surface with rubbing alcohol, then allow it to air dry completely.

These steps will ensure that all soap residue and mineral build-up has been removed from your tub’s surface, allowing our strong adhesive to bond directly with the tub or shower surface.

Additional Tips

  • For best adhesion, allow newly installed adhesive safety treads to stand for 12 hours prior to use.
  • Some bath oils can be harmful to the adhesive, making it more likely for treads or appliques to start peeling over time. To minimize this, make sure to pour all oils into a tub only after it has been filled with water.

How Should I Install My Adhesive Safety Treads or Shapes?

1. Follow the detailed instructions contained in the FAQ question directly above to clean and prepare your application surface.

2. Leaving the tread backing material in place for the moment, lay out and arrange your treads in the desired pattern.

3. Remove the backing material from one tread at a time, pressing each tread firmly onto the application surface in the desired position.  Apply even pressure from the center of the tread outward, in order to avoid trapping air bubbles underneath the tread.

4. Do not touch any tread adhesive or attempt to reposition any adhered treads during installation.

5. Finish applying all desired treads, then allow newly installed treads to stand for a minimum of 12 hours before use.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure above, or a topic not covered, please feel free to call us at (800) 968-0104 or e-mail [email protected].

How Can I Safely Remove Adhesive Safety Treads or Shapes?

To remove any SlipX Solutions Adhesive Safety Tread, simply use a fingernail to loosen/free one edge, then pry it back slowly until you can grasp the tread with two fingers.  Once you have a firm grip on the tread, peel it slowly away from the surface on which it was installed.

Soak any remaining adhesive residue on the application surface with a spray stain remover. Wait 15 minutes then wipe with a clean, dry rag.

If you don’t have a spray stain remover, products like Goo Gone or WD-40 can also be used to soften the adhesive for easier removal. PLEASE NOTE: Using any of these products to help remove adhesive residue may leave your tub’s surface very slippery. Please be aware of this, and be sure to thoroughly clean your tub using a non-silicon-based cleaning solution like Comet before anyone uses the tub or shower again.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure above, or a topic not covered, please feel free to call us at (800) 968-0104 or e-mail [email protected].



Questions About Drain Products

What Kinds of Drain Products Do You Sell?

SlipX Solutions offers a wide assortment of drain stoppers, drain protectors, and overflow drain covers to help address common bath and shower challenges. Here’s a little bit more information about each type of drain product:


  • Drain Stoppers – These simple devices allow you to stop all water from flowing down your tub or shower drain. See our latest drain stopper options here.


  • Drain Protectors (*also commonly referred to as hair catchers) – These simple but extremely helpful devices allow water to flow out of your tub or shower drain while stopping hair and other debris from entering your plumbing system and causing backups or clogged pipes. We offer several different drain protector styles, each designed to work with a different type (*or types) of drains. See our latest collection here.


  • Overflow Drain Covers – These extremely popular products fit over your tub’s standard overflow safety drain, raising the level of the emergency outflow hole. This results in a deeper, warmer, more comfortable bathing experience – priceless for people who love a nice long soak.  We offer two different over-flow drain cover styles (*check them out here), both of which work with all commonly used drain overflow types.

How Does the SlipX Solutions Stop-A-Clog Hair Catcher Work?

The SlipX Solutions Stop-A-Clog’s best feature is its simplicity. Simple design, simple installation—it simply works! Using this bathtub hair catcher will prevent the unpleasant process of unclogging your shower or tub drain.

How to Install a Stop-A-Clog

Each Stop-A-Clog package contains two units. With the water running, place one unit over top of your tub or shower drain hole and press down firmly on each of the perimeter suction cups. Feel free to use the other Stop-A-Clog in another bathroom or save it as a backup for later use.

When properly installed, your Stop-A-Clog will stay in place for the duration of your shower and will not slow down the draining water. However, it will prevent hair from clogging your drain. Its design also makes it easy to remove the collected hair at the end of each shower.

How to Clean Your Stop-A-Clog

Fortunately, cleaning your Stop-A-Clog is as simple as using it to catch hair. We recommend:


  1. Removing all hair and debris that is collected after each shower or bath, then simply rinsing the unit and letting it air dry.
  2. Once per week or so, run your Stop-A-Clog through your dishwasher as part of a normal load. This will remove calcium and soap buildup. If you have higher amounts of iron in your water, regular washing may also help reduce any visible iron staining.

How Does the SlipX Solutions Snug Plug Drain Stopper Work?

Our famous Snug Plug is one of the easiest bath drain stoppers on the market today to install and use. No “chains”, no “leashes” and no permanent installation steps are required.

To install your new Snug Plug, simply place it in your open drain hole as shown below. By default, your Snug Plug will come out of the package in the Closed position, meaning that it will seal your drain and keep water from escaping down the drain:


Hand pointing to SlipX Solutions Snug Plug drain cover in a closed position 

To open your Snug Plug and allow water to drain out of your tub, simply press on the center of the unit with one finger. Pushing downward on the Snug Plug dome will force the sides of the dome to pop up, into the open position shown below. Water will then flow underneath the up-turned dome and out your drain.


a photo of a hand pointing to a SlipX Solutions Snug Plug drain cover in the open position

To reclose your Snug Plug, simply reverse this process by pushing down on the upturned dome edges with two fingers.  The dome will snap back down into place, once again blocking water flow.

How to Clean

Cleaning your Snug Plug is important. While the material used, TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomer, is non-porous, the color can stain depending on what minerals are in your water. Regular cleaning with your usual bathroom cleanser will minimize the risk of staining.  To clean, simply choose one of the two simple options every few weeks:

  1. Place it in your dishwasher with a normal load.
  2. Wash it with your normal laundry in the washing machine.

The Suction Cups on My Bottomless Bath Aren’t Working. They Look Inverted – What Can I Do?

Although this situation is very rare, we have learned that when some users press too hard on their Bottomless Bath suction cups during installation, those suction cups can fold in on themselves and “invert”. When this happens, the suction cups will not work until they are turned right-side-out again.  We recommend that you make sure all the suction cups are “popped out” prior to installation, then install by lightly pressing on each suction cup one at a time to attach each cup to the tub surface. You do not need to push hard in order to engage our small, flexible Bottomless Bath suction cups.

 If you’re still having trouble after checking all suction cups for proper shape/positioning, we recommend following the instructions below to ensure that there is no soap residue or mineral build up on your non-textured installation surface.

 Pre-Installation Cleaning Instructions:

  • Clean your tub as you normally would.
  • Make sure NOT to use a silicon-based cleaning solution. (For example, Comet is a non-silicon-based cleaner that can work.)
  • Dry your tub completely, either letting it air dry or by using a towel.
  • Wipe down your installation area using rubbing alcohol, then allow that area to air dry completely.


Questions About Splash Control Products

How Do I Install SlipX Solutions Shower Splash Guards?

SlipX Solutions Shower Splash Guards install without tools, adhesives, or complicated processes. Simply follow the steps demonstrated in this video and outlined below:

  •  Stand in your tub.
  • Choose one side of your curtained space to start on, and disconnect your shower liner from the last three hooks/rings on that end.
  • Make sure to leave the outer shower curtain attached to the rings, if you are using a curtain along with your liner.
  • Using the Splash Guard that corresponds to the side of your tub enclosure that you started on (*either Left or Right, as viewed from inside your tub), insert the small hook at the end of the curved side of your Shower Splash Guard into the outermost hole of your shower curtain liner.
  • Line up the long side of your Shower Splash Guard with the 2nd and 3rd holes in your shower curtain liner, then pass your shower hooks/rings through both your curtain liner and your Splash Guard in those two spots. Make sure both of the shower hooks/rings in those positions pass through the Splash Guard AND your shower liner.
  • Apply these same steps to the other end of your shower curtain/liner, and you’ll be done!

How Do I Install Your Shower Splash Clips?

Our popular Shower Curtain Splash Clips adhere to your shower surround walls in order to hold your shower liner in place against the wall and keep water inside your shower where it belongs!

Follow these simple steps in order to ensure a strong, long-lasting connection to your shower wall:


  • First, clean and prepare your shower wall. Read and follow our tub surface preparation below before proceeding to step #2.

Pre-Installation Cleaning Instructions

  1. Clean your tub as you normally would. Make sure not to use a silicon based cleaning solution. (For example, Comet is a non-silicon based cleaner that can work.)
  2. Thoroughly dry your tub, either letting it air dry or by using a towel.
  3. Wipe down your tub using rubbing alcohol and allow it to air dry.

These steps will ensure that all soap residue and mineral build-up are removed from your tub’s surface. This will make sure the adhesive is in direct contact with the tub surface. 

  • Next, position your first Shower Splash Clip approximately 2″ above the top of your tub, with the open side of the clip facing away from your shower head. Make sure it’s aligned with your curtain rod.
  • Remove the paper backing from your first clip and press the clip firmly against the shower wall. TIP – Before pressing hard to help seat the adhesive, double-check that your clip opening is facing away from the shower head.
  • Position your second Shower Splash Clip directly above the first, approximately halfway between the first clip and the height of your curtain rod, again with the clip opening facing away from your shower head.
  • Remove the paper backing from your 2nd clip and press the clip firmly against the shower wall to help seat the adhesive.
  • To use your Shower Splash Clips, simply slide the free edge of your shower liner into both clips to hold it in place against the wall and block water from escaping your bathing area.
    SlipX Solutions Shower Clips on a shower liner

Questions About Shower Liners & Shower Curtains

Do I Need a Shower Liner?

If you take showers and don’t have a water-tight shower door/enclosure, a shower liner will help keep water/spray from escaping your tub/shower area. Shower liners can also help protect outer decorative shower curtains from moisture whenever an outer curtain is used in conjunction with a liner.

What Shower Liner Options Do You Offer?

Material Options

SlipX Solutions offers Shower Liners made from 4 different carefully chosen materials – PE, PEVA, woven Polyester, and Polyester microfiber. We chose these specific materials because of they are durable, flexible/supple, extremely effective as water barriers, and free of harmful chemical components like PVCs, BPAs, Phthalates, and PFAS. The chart below outlines the key differences between our 4 material types:

(polyethylene vinyl acetate)
Polyester Polyester Microfiber
Does it smell? No No No No
What does it feel like? Durable
soft plastic
fabric, similar to an umbrella
brushed fabric, similar to cotton
Is it water repellent? Waterproof Waterproof Highly
Water Repellent
Water Repellent
What else? BPA-Free BPA-Free BPA-Free
Use as a liner or curtain!
Use as a liner or curtain!


Size Options

SlipX Solutions offers 5 different shower liner sizes, each one designed to address specific consumer bathing situations:


An infographic showing our various shower stall, standard, extra tall, extra wide, and floor-to-ceiling shower liner sizes.



  • Standard Shower Liners – Available in Lightweight, Midweight, and Heavyweight thicknesses, our Standard Shower Liners help protect standard-sized tub enclosures that are open on one (long) side.
  • Shower Stall Liners – Available in Midweight thickness only, our Standard Shower Stall Liners are narrower than Standard Liners, to fit typical shower stall entrances without excessive bunching.
  • Extra Wide Shower Liners – Our Extra Wide Shower Liners feature an extra 12” of side-to-side coverage, for better splash protection in larger/longer tub enclosures.
  • Extra Tall Shower Liners – Our Extra Tall Shower Liners feature an extra 12” of vertical coverage, for better splash protection in bathing enclosures with higher curtain rods and/or walk-in designs (vs. a traditional step-in bathtub).
  • Floor to Ceiling Shower Liners – Our Floor to Ceiling Specialty Shower Liner is designed with an extra 24” of height, for maximum vertical coverage.

How Does Shower Liner “Thickness” Work?

In general, the thicker a shower liner material is, the more durable and longer-lasting the liner will be. However, thicker liners are also heavier and less flexible/supple, making them more difficult for some people to install (and open/close day after day). Thicker liners tend to feature other “durability-focused” features such as reinforced headers, finished edges, and/or tough metal grommet holes.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question, “Which liner thickness should I choose?” Simply base your choice on where you intend to use your liner, how you intend to use it, and what price you wish to pay. Also consider how often you prefer to clean your liner, as thicker liners hold up better to typical cleaning processes, but they can be tougher to remove and reinstall (*due to their relative stiffness and weight)!

Shower liners made out of solid sheet plastics are typically measured using the Gauge scale. SlipX Solutions currently sells shower liners that are 3-Gauge (3G), 5-Gauge (5G), and 8-Gauge (8G). A single unit of Gauge is equivalent to .025 of a millimeter.  That means, for example, that a 8-Gauge liner is 8 x .025 = .2mm thick.

Unfortunately, there are no official standards in the United States dictating how shower liners of various thicknesses can be named or marketed to the public.  As a result, manufacturers often use different material thicknesses for their Lightweight, Midweight, Heavyweight, and Heavy Duty products. SlipX Solutions has chosen to use the Gauges shown in the chart below for its PE and PEVA liner products. Product thicknesses from other manufacturers may vary.


Gauge Millimeter Description Related Products
3 .075 mm Thin and supple, very easy to use. Our lowest-cost option. Lightweight Shower Liners
5 .125 mm A great balance of durability and affordability – great long-term value! Midweight Shower Liners
8 .20 mm Extremely durable. Designed for heavy use. Heavyweight Shower Liners


How Do I Install My Shower Liner?

  • First, make sure your shower curtain rod is properly and securely installed.
  • Next, remove your liner from its package, unfold it completely, and lay it out flat.
  • Insert one of your 12 shower curtain rings or hooks through each grommet or reinforced button hole along the top edge of your shower curtain liner.
  • Working from one side to the other, attach each shower hook or ring onto your shower rod, one at a time.
  • If you are using shower rings with closures, check to make sure each ring is securely closed.
  • To keep water inside your shower stall or tub, be sure to keep the lower portion of your shower liner inside your tub or shower stall surround.

How Do I Install My Shower Liner?

  • First, make sure your shower curtain rod is properly and securely installed.
  • Next, remove your liner from its package, unfold it completely, and lay it out flat.
  • Insert one of your 12 shower curtain rings or hooks through each grommet or reinforced button hole along the top edge of your shower curtain liner.
  • Working from one side to the other, attach each shower hook or ring onto your shower rod, one at a time.
  • If you are using shower rings with closures, check to make sure each ring is securely closed.
  • To keep water inside your shower stall or tub, be sure to keep the lower portion of your shower liner inside your tub or shower stall surround.

How Do I Care For/Clean My Shower Liner?

Cleaning a fabric or PE/PEVA shower liner is easy—simply follow these guidelines:

  • Remember to pull your shower liner closed after each use, to give it a chance to air dry. Be sure to ventilate your bathing space as much as possible to promote quicker/more complete drying.
  • On a regular basis (*for example, every 2 weeks or so), take a few minutes after a shower to wipe down your shower liner with a damp cloth. If you have one of our soft fabric liners, we recommend hand washing with gentle soap in cool water occasionally. After cleaning, reinstall your liner (*if you removed it from your shower rod) and air dry.
  • We do not recommend washing SlipX Solutions Shower Liners in your washing machine, as this may damage thinner liner materials. Never attempt to dry your SlipX Solutions liner in a hot dryer. Always air dry.

How Do I Choose the Right Shower Liner?

SlipX Solutions® sells a wide variety of shower liners, each designed to fit specific bathroom setups. When deciding which shower curtain liner to buy, consider the following:

Liner Size/Shape – We recommend measuring the opening you wish to protect with a liner, so you’re sure you choose a product that will provide adequate coverage both horizontally and vertically.

Liner Thickness – Choose the liner gauge (thickness) that best suits your needs and intended uses. Our Lightweight liners are lighter, more supple, and easier to install/remove. Midweight and Heavyweight liners are a little tougher to work with, but they offer extraordinary toughness and durability in situations where they are getting used frequently (*or you simply don’t want to have to replace them for years).

Liner Color/Finish – Determine what color and style best fits your bathroom setup and style preferences. Our popular fabric shower curtain liners can be used as a liner or curtain, providing an attractive “all in one” solution, while our simpler, plainer PEVA liners are equally effective at keeping water out, but are made of sheet plastic for a plainer, simpler look.

What Size Shower Liner Do I Need?

SlipX Solutions shower curtain liners are conveniently sized to fit common shower/tub configurations. Need help figuring out which size of shower curtain liner to buy?

Use this guide to understand how long a SlipX Solutions “Standard” or “Extra Long” shower curtain liner is and more!


An infographic showing our various shower stall, standard, extra tall, extra wide, and floor-to-ceiling shower liner sizes.

When is it time to replace my shower liner?

We recommend replacing your shower liner whenever it stops functioning as a reliable water barrier, or when you can no longer clean it to your satisfaction using basic methods.

How many shower curtain rings do I need?

All SlipX Solutions shower curtain liners have 12 grommets, with the exception of our narrower shower stall liners, which have 8. All of our shower curtain rings and hooks come in sets of 12. Because this is a well-established grommet count standard, our SlipX Solutions shower liners are compatible with the majority of 3rd party shower ring or shower hook sets available in the United States.

Will my shower liner smell right out of the package? If so, what is that smell, and how do I get rid of it?

SlipX Solutions offers shower curtain liners made out of PE, PEVA, woven polyester, and polyester microfiber, all of which are odorless. Shower curtain liners that smell bad right out of the package are typically made using PVC, a material that SlipX does not use in its shower liners for multiple reasons (*smell being one of them).  Any shower liner can develop a bad smell if it’s not cleaned or allowed to dry completely on a regular basis. If your used shower liner develops a foul odor, we recommend hand washing it in cool water using a mild soap, then rinsing thoroughly and letting it air dry completely.

What are magnetic weights? Why do they matter?

Magnetic weights help hold your shower liner in place flush against your tub. Their weight helps prevent the shower liner from billowing towards you in the shower and most important, they help keep water from escaping!  Even if you don’t have a traditional cast iron tub (*which our magnets will stick to), our magnetic weights still do a great job of holding your liner in place based on their weight alone, pressing your liner material against your wet tub surface and allowing the water to form a temporary bond between the two surfaces.

What is a reinforced top hem? Why does it matter?

Reinforced top hems are common in well-made, midweight and above shower liners. The reinforced hem provides added structure and strength to the topmost edge of your liner, where your shower hooks pass through the liner material and support the weight of the liner.

Top hems are often exposed to considerable force, both from the weight of a wet liner and from the pulling that typically occurs during normal use. When thinner, less well-built shower liners fail, it is typically in the upper hem area where the pass-through button holes or metal grommets are located.

Is my SlipX Solutions shower liner washable?

Yes! We recommend hand washing all of our shower lines in cool water with mild soap and then hanging them to dry. This will extend the useful life of your liner and keep it looking great!

However, we recommend against machine washing your shower liner or placing it in the dryer, since high temperatures can damage thin plastic barriers.

Questions About On the Dot Suction Cup Accessories

My On the Dot suction cup product will not stay suctioned on my tub/shower wall. What am I doing wrong?

First, make sure your installation area is completely smooth and free of any surface imperfections, cracks, voids or grout lines.  All of these can negatively affect adhesion.

Next, make sure your installation surface is completely clean. We recommend wiping the area down with rubbing alcohol in order to make sure there is no soap residue on the surface.

 Next, rinse your On the Dot mounting suction cup(s) with water, then let it air dry (*or use a hair dryer to dry it more quickly).

 Finally, be sure to press your suction cup against the installation surface VERY FIRMLY, putting one hand on top of the other and using your body weight to lean in and bear down hard on the cup. You should hear a distinct sound when the air pushes out from behind the cup during installation. That’s how you know it’s stuck.

 To make sure you’ve installed your product correctly, don’t be afraid to give it a solid tug after installation – it should flex but not release from the wall.



Questions About Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

What should I do if I need to return or exchange a SlipX Solutions product that I purchased on

Even though we will no longer be selling products directly from, we are more than happy to help support customers who have purchased products from us previously. Simply contact us at [email protected], or call (800) 968–0104, and we’ll be more than happy to take great care of you!

What should I do if I need to return or exchange a SlipX Solutions product that I purchased on

All products – regardless of brand name – purchased through are subject to Amazon’s return policies and processes. Please be aware that this is Amazon’s rule, not ours.

If you are unsatisfied with a SlipX product purchased directly from, please contact Amazon’s Customer Care team directly for assistance:


How to contact Customer Service (USA)

To contact Amazon, go to


How to print out your Customer Invoice

You can print an invoice for any order within Your Amazon Account as soon as your order is shipped.


To print your invoice:

  • Go to Your Orders.
  • Find your Order, then select Invoice underneath the order number.
  • Chooce “Print this page for your records” on the top of the order summary.
  • Select your browser’s print button.


If you need further assistance, contact Amazon:

How to Contact Customer Care for Amazon’s Canadian website or any of Amazon’s European Union websites:

  • Log into your Account on to the appropriate Amazon site.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Click AMAZON ASSISTANT, then scroll down to ‘Need Help” and click on Contact Us.

What should I do if I need to return or exchange a SlipX Solutions product that I purchased on

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to initiate product returns or refunds from our end for any purchases made on These specific customer care processes must be initiated by Walmart.


To initiate a return, you can:

Contact Walmart customer service by phone at (800)-925-6278.

Complete the process on

Return your ordered items to any Walmart brick and mortar store.


If you decide to use Walmart’s online return/exchange process:

  • Sign in to and go to the My Account section.
  • In your Recent Orders, find the order that you want to return and click Start a Return, then select the item and choose a reason for the return. If you so desire, you may add a comment in order to provide more details.
  • After completing Walmart’s online return form, confirm the accuracy and completeness of your return, then you will be provided with a mailing label to print along with instructions for mailing.


  • Once a return is initiated, the system will either automatically process your refund or – in some cases – Walmart will prompt SlipX Solutions, as the Seller, to issue a refund after the item has been received at our Product Return Center.

What should I do if I need to return or exchange a SlipX Solutions product that I purchased on

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to initiate returns, exchanges, or refunds for any purchase made on If you need to return or exchange a SlipX Solutions product that you purchased via, simply follow these easy guidelines:


  • Go to, and log into your account.
  • Navigate to the My eBay section of Your Account.
  • Review your recent Orders, and find the item you wish to return or exchange in your Purchase History.
  • Select “Return This Item” from the menu on the righthand side of your screen.
  • Select your reason for the return and enter a comment about why you’re returning it.
  • If the item arrived damaged, broken, or faulty, add up to 10 images relevant to the reason you’re returning the item, highlighting any scratches, damage, or other defects.
  • Be sure to follow our Images, video, and text policy when you’re uploading images. (???)
  • Select “Confirm Return”.

Questions About Order Shipping & Tracking

For Purchases Made on

All orders for SlipX Solutions products placed on or are fulfilled & shipped by Amazon. As a result, the SlipX Solutions Customer Care Team has no direct access to your order shipment or tracking information. In order to get an update on the status or location of your order, you’ll need to reach out to Amazon directly.

How to Contact’s USA Customer Care Team

How to Contract’s Canadian Customer Care Team (*or any of Amazon’s European Union websites)

How to Track Your Order Using 3rd Party Tracking Information

If you have access to your Amazon-provided Order Tracking Number, you can visit your shipping carrier’s web site (e.g., FedEx, USPS, DHL) and access up to date order information by entering your order number.

For Purchases Made on

Currently, all orders for SlipX Solutions products placed on are shipped out of our SlipX Solutions warehouse. Once we ship your item, you will be notified by eBay that it has left our facility, and you will be provided with an order tracking number. Once we upload your tracking information to eBay, you will be able to view carrier information and follow your package online all the way to your chosen delivery address.

 Additionally, you will also have the ability to check your order’s delivery status in your Purchase History. Each purchased item in your History will have a clickable tracking number link right next to the item.

 See the link below for more information about eBay’s shipping & tracking information:

Shipping and tracking | eBay


For Purchases Made on

Any time you order a SlipX Solutions product from, you will receive a shipping confirmation email from Walmart that contains order tracking information. As soon as your package ships, Walmart will send you an email with a tracking link. You can use the link at any time to check your order’s progress.

It’s also possible to track orders by visiting the site and following these steps:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. On, select Account.
  3. Select Purchase history.
  4. Select Track Shipment.

…or by visiting the Walmart app and following these steps:

  1. Open the Walmart app.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Select Purchase history.
  4. Scroll to the order you want to track and select Track Shipment.

My order didn’t arrive, but tracking says it was delivered.

Unfortunately, a very small number of online orders cannot be found even after tracking systems report them as delivered.  Since carriers often try to place orders in safe, out of the way locations, start by checking for your package in or near:

  • Your mailbox
  • Your porch
  • Your garage
  • The side of your house, apartment or condo
  • Any area protected from potential weather hazards (*including exterior storm doors)

If you still can’t locate your package, we suggest checking with housemates, neighbors and nearby friends to see if anyone else signed for your package or grabbed it to keep it safe in your absence.

Still no luck? Then we recommend referring to the tracking information you received for the order, identifying your carrier, and contacting them directly to initiate a driver follow-up, package trace and/or formal investigation. Your carrier will research the delivery and contact you with more information. We ask that you be the one to make this call because carriers often ask specific questions about you and/or the delivery location for security reasons.

Other FAQ’s

Why don’t you sell products directly on anymore?

In a word? COST.

Our #1 priority at SlipX Solutions has always been to provide great prices, great value, and great service to every customer. One way we’ve done that over the past 20 years has been to offer effective, reliable bath and shower safety products at extremely competitive prices on this website, with reasonably priced, prompt shipping from our small warehouse in Traverse City, Michigan.

A lot has changed in the world of Retail over the past few years, and as a result of changes in key variables like supplier relationships, production costs, freight fees, competition levels, and so on, we can no longer offer our products at competitive prices on our own web site.  A strange but true reality – for many small businesses just like SlipX!

The good news is, our products have never been easier or more affordable to buy online – simply head to any of our key online marketplace partners –,,,, or — and take advantage of their great pricing, fast shipping, and excellent customer care. We are confident that they will take great care of you!  And don’t forget – you can always reach us directly if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about any of our products. We aren’t going anywhere!

What should I do if I bought a product on and I need to return or exchange it?

That’s easy – simply contact us by e-mail or by phone (toll-free), and one of our customer care specialists will be more than happy to make things right!

What should I do if I want to place a commercial/business-to-business order?

SlipX Solutions gladly accepts product orders from other businesses. To learn more about the process and our special wholesale business pricing and freight fees, please contact us at  [email protected], or by phone at 1.800.968.0104.

What is SlipX Solutions’ Product Resale Policy?

Venturi is a manufacturer/retailer of quality bath/shower accessories and reliable, affordable cigarette filters. Venturi markets and sells products under two established brand names – SlipX Solutions® and TarGard® (together, the “Venturi Products”).

Venturi recognizes the value to consumers of a retail distribution network that supplies, promotes and consistently supports Venturi Products. To ensure that Venturi’s end consumers continue to receive a quality sales experience and outstanding customer service/support, Venturi has implemented a formal, mandatory reseller policy (the “Reseller Policy”) to eliminate the unauthorized reselling of Venturi Products via third-party online marketplaces.


“Resellers” shall include:

(i) Any of Venturi’s direct customers, including distributors (“Direct Customers”);

(ii) Any retail customer supplied Venturi Products by any Direct Customer;

(iii) Any other identified unauthorized reseller of Venturi Products regardless of its source for those products.


Under the Reseller Policy, a Reseller may not advertise or offer Venturi Products for sale, directly, indirectly or by referral in any manner, on or through any 3rd party retail website, online marketplace, drop ship or auction site, or any comparable website or mobile app, or on or through any marketing website affiliated with any such site without Venturi’s prior written approval. Examples of such online marketplaces include and its associated international marketplaces;;; and among others. The activity described above and prohibited by this Reseller Policy is referred to herein as Marketplace Reselling.


The Reseller Policy applies to Marketplace Reselling by or for the benefit of a Reseller under any trade name or DBA used directly or indirectly by the Reseller or any affiliate or associate of the Reseller (without regard to whether Venturi or any Direct Customer is aware of such trade name usage). The Reseller Policy does not apply to or restrict a Reseller’s advertising or offering Venturi Products for sale exclusively on such Reseller’s own proprietary transactional website. If Venturi determines in its sole discretion that there has been a violation of this Reseller Policy and so notifies the Reseller, the Reseller must cease any Marketplace Reselling within five (5) business days of the date the Reseller receives notice from Venturi by removing all offers for Venturi Products on any website as referenced above. If applicable, at its own cost, the Reseller must also immediately retrieve inventory of Venturi Products placed on consignment with any online marketplace and available for Marketplace Reselling. In addition, Venturi may also immediately and without notice refuse to accept or fill orders from the Reseller for a specified period determined by Venturi.


If any Reseller repeatedly violates the terms of the Reseller Policy and as a result Venturi believes its relationship with a Reseller may no longer be in Venturi’s best interest, Venturi reserves the right to terminate the commercial relationship, subject to such advance notice as Venturi may provide, in its sole discretion. For any Reseller that acquires Venturi Products from a Direct Customer, Venturi reserves the right to require that the Direct Customer take comparable actions in response to applicable Reseller violations of this Reseller Policy. Failure to do so in a timely manner may subject the Direct Customer to termination of its commercial relationship with Venturi.


The Reseller Policy is a unilateral policy issued by Venturi and is subject to change at any time in Venturi’s sole discretion. It is not a part of or incorporated into any agreement or specific commercial arrangement that Venturi may have with any Reseller. The Reseller Policy applies to any Reseller that resells Venturi Products in the United States and its territories; Canada; or the member states of the European Union, provided that the Reseller Policy will not apply in any jurisdiction to the extent applicable law expressly limits policies such as the Reseller Policy or related policies.

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