Bath Mats without Suction Cups

Many customers come to SlipX Solutions in search of a solution for their slippery, newly reglazed bath tub. Typically the company who does the reglazing will recommend that you don't use bath mats with suction cups because sometimes they can damage the reglazed surface, especially if they aren't removed very carefully.

Unfortunately, we don't have bath mats without suction cups. We understand the demand for suitable products to help keep reglazed and refinished bath tubs safe.

Possible Alternatives

There are a few alternatives on the market that will help improve tub safety, while reducing the risk of ruining the investment of your newly refinished bathtub. Most of the currently available alternative products use adhesives. Using adhesives on the reglazed surface presents challenges when it's time to remove or replace them.

Adhesive Bath Mats

This is a very common alternative to bath mats with suction cups for reglazed bath tubs. Many companies sell adhesive bath mats and typically they can be found at a very low cost. However, there are couple drawbacks to using an adhesive mat in your bath tub.

  1. Unsanitary - Adhesive bath mats cannot be removed for cleaning. It's natural for mold and bacteria to build in and around the grooves of the mat as well as along the edges. You'll find that after a short time you'll want to remove the mat because of the mold and bacteria growth.
  2. Poor Value - While many adhesive bath mats are inexpensive to purchase up front, the frequency in which you will need to replace them will quickly cause that value to degrade.

Adhesive Bath Treads

At SlipX Solutions, we recommend our adhesive tub treads when a customer is in a bind and needs a non-slip product for their reglazed bath tub. We offer them in two sizes, 7.5 inch and 14.5 inch.

CAUTION - Using an adhesive product on any reglazed surfaces should be done with caution. When the time comes to remove the adhesive treads from your tub, it'll be very important to be careful and patient. We typically recommend an adhesive remover like Goo Gone to gently soften the adhesive so that it can be removed slowly.