From Our Family to Yours

Welcome to SlipX Solutions®!

SlipX Solutions is a small, family owned and operated business based in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. We’ve been manufacturing and selling innovative, stylish, affordable bath accessories to families just like yours for over 20 years.

The SlipX Solutions brand is owned and produced by Venturi.

Our Goal

To provide effective, affordable products that help you keep your bathroom organized, safe and stylish.

Why Do We Do It?

Because we’re just like you. We are moms, dads, spouses, & homeowners. We live chaotic, jam-packed, mile-a-minute lives. We face the same kinds of daily tasks and hassles that you do. That means we know what it feels like to get a little more organized, eliminate a minor hassle or two, and reduce a little risk around the home.

Our Products

We produce innovative bathroom accessories: bath mats, safety treads, tub tattoos, drain stoppers, and hair catchers designed to save you time, reduce hassle and keep your family comfortable and safe.