Adhesive 7.5 Inch Bath Treads (24 Count)

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Adhesive 7.5 Inch Bath Treads (24 Count)
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  • Improve traction and safety on all kinds of slippery surfaces.

  • Perfect for bathtubs, showers, hot tubs, boats, stairs and much more.

  • Easy to install and simple to clean. Reliable grip, year after year.

  • 24 safety treads per package.

  • Individual tread size: 7 1/2"L x 3/4"W.

  • Intended for use on porcelain, fiberglass, sealed wood and other smooth surfaces.

  • Some surface textures may affect adhesion. Not for use on refinished surfaces.

  • These adhesive safety treads are proudly made in the USA!

I bought this item 3 years ago before we remodeled our bathroom. After not having them for awhile I discovered that I really needed them so the children would not slip in the tub. They work perfect because they are small and clear. It's a great product.

Felicia H., on her SlipX Safety Treads

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About SlipX Solutions® Non-Slip Bath & Shower Treads

Choose SlipX Solutions for your non-slip safety needs. Proven and practical, our 7.5" bath safety strips adhere to porcelain, fiberglass, sealed wood and other smooth surfaces with sticky adhesive that is meant to last.

How to Install Safety Treads in Shower Stalls & Tubs

How you install your treads is very important. Improper installation can cause your new treads to detach. Each package comes with detailed installation instructions on the back of the package. We've also created detailed online installation instructions that apply to adhesive treads and bath appliques.


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You have to let them dry for 4 hours
Review by Shirley
Product is fine and all, but I went to put them on before getting ready for work, just to read at the last bullet point that they need to set for 4 hours. This should've been something made clear before installation as I didn't have time to wait 4 hours after installing and *shrugs* what am I gonna do at this point? Can't pull them back up and I'm not skipping my shower before work. Inconsiderate order of operations here.

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