Grassy, Pebble & Foam Bath Mats Made Using Vinyl

This page overviews each of the ways we use vinyl in the production of some SlipX Solutions products.

Vinyl Material Usage by Slip-X Solutions

Plasticized PVC, known as Vinyl, is used in many of our popular bathroom products including our square shower mat. Our bathroom products made from vinyl are safe for everyday use, and are made with the same material formulations used in hospitals in applications such as blood draw tubing, dialysis, feeding tubes and IV bags. Additionally, vinyl is easy to keep clean and maintain for long product life. We do not add any anti-microbial or anti-bacterial agents to any of our materials.

High Quality PVC Foam

Our Soft Touch Bath Mat is made with a slightly different type of vinyl material. While the chemical composition isn't different, the PVC foam used in our Soft Touch Bath Mat is lighter than other bath mats. It's fluffy. Try our soft foam bath mat today!

How to Remove the Vinyl Smell

Vinyl tends to have a distinct smell when first removed from enclosed packaging, this includes our vinyl bath mats. The good news is that its easy to remove. When you first open your bath mat, prior to first use, run it through a cycle in your washing machine. This is the recommended way to clean your vinyl bath mat, and it's also very effective for removing the less than desirable vinyl smell.

How to Care for Your Vinyl Bathroom Products

Products made from vinyl are easy to clean and care for. We recommend that you remove your bath mat after each use and hang it to dry. This will help prevent the build up of soap scum and growth of bacteria. Besides keeping your bath mat clean, regular cleaning and drying will help increase the life of your bath mat. Learn more about bath mat care.

Are Your Vinyl Bath Mats Safe?

In recent years studies have been conducted to determine the health effects of long-term exposure to products made of vinyl. These studies focused on the slow breakdown of the plastic softening agents overtime, specifically chemicals known as phthalates and BPAs. These studies determined that intermittent exposure to vinyl products will not have long-term negative health effects. Learn more about safe Slip-X Solutions products.

Best Selling Vinyl Bath Mats

Extra Long Bath Mat

Our long bath mats fill the full length of your tub, providing safe anti-slip protection as well as a soft cushioning feel on your feet.

Bamboo Bath Mat

Get the attractive look of green bamboo without sacrificing the safety of a tacky, anti-sli, bath safety mat. Also, learn more about the Bamboo Bath Mat today.