Frog Tub Tattoos

Frog Tub Tattoos
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  • These non-slip little Frogs make bathtime safer and more fun!

  • Each package contains five non-slip Tub Tattoos.

  • Easy to install, easy to clean. Just peel and stick!

  • For use on non-textured surfaces.

  • 4" diameter.

  • We recommend 3 to 5 packages for full tub coverage.

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Frog Bath Appliques

These Frog Tub Tattoos are some of the cutest kids bath appliques you'll find anywhere. Your kids will love them so much they'll ask to take a bath.

Our Tub Tattoos attach using strong adhesive. They aren't designed to be movable. Once you apply them, you should let them sit for 24 hours before using the shower. We have written up full instructions for installing Tub Tattoos. They're easy to install, but it's important to make sure the tub's surface is as clean and dry as possible.

Innovations by our Customers

Our customers are always coming up with interesting and innovative uses for our products. Our Tub Tattoos are often used in ways in which surprise us. Our friend Mary purchased the Frog Tub Tattoos to help keep her cute little puppies from slipping off of her kayak! She was also kind enough to send us a few kind words of feedback and some pictures for us to share here.

Mary's story:

"The Kayak did not have the frog tattoos so I had to hold one dog in my lap and one stood in back on a piece of material. Because of the frog tattoos, one dog stands/sits in front of the kayak while the other stands/sits in back. Thanks!!!"

Mary from South Fork

Full Coverage Appliques

One package of Frog Tub Tattoos will not cover the full surface of the tub. Each applique is roughly 4 inches in diameter and there are 5 per package. We recommend purchasing 3 to 5 packages if your goal is full tub coverage. Ideally, you'll want to place them only a few inches apart. Although, it will depend on the size of your children's feet. The smaller their feet, the more appliques you'll want.


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