Suction Cup Hooks, Pads & Mats

Suction cups play an important role in the performance of many Slip-X Solutions bathroom products. Bath mats, grip strips and Jelly Bean Bath Hooks all use specially designed and tested suction cup hooks to keep them securely in place.

Suction Cup Hooks

Orange Suction Cup Hook

There are many suction cup hooks on the market. However, we felt that many of the utility like suction cup hooks are poor quality, boring and typically do not perform very well. We saw that as an opportunity to develop families of new colorful, stylish and functional bathroom hooks that you would be proud to show off.

These "Jelly Bean" suction cup hooks are available in sets of three and in five color families. See the color family images below.

Suction Cup Pad

Suction Cup Pad

We also use suction cups in product called the Grip Strip. The Grip Strip is best described as a two sided suction cup pad that can be used in a variety of ways in your bathroom. It's great for clearing the clutter off the shelves in your shower or tub. The suction cups are strong enough to support even a full size bottle of shampoo! It's one of those unique products found only at Slip-X Solutions.

Suction Cup Bathtub Mats

All the bath mats produced by Slip-X Solutions depend on the high quality suction cups to keep them safely and securely in place. Suction cups are arguably the most important piece of safe non-slip shower mat.

Most of our suction cup bath mats are rectangle and won't fit very well in a shower stall. Don't worry though, we also sell square and a round shower mat. Both of them are available in white and clear and will fit nicely in your shower.