Rubber Bath Safety Mats

We produce two high-quality, non-slip rubber bath mats, in several color and size combinations. We've found many of our customers prefer rubber over the alternative materials because its been considered a safe bath mat material for many years, due to it's tacky feel and secure grip. Rubber also feels heavy duty and absorbs less water, making our rubber bath mats easier to clean and care for. In addition to the physical properties, the rubber material costs less which gives our rubber products an attractive low price.

How to Recycle Your Rubber Mat

More and more products are being made from recycled rubber products. Unfortunately, most communities still do not pick up rubber products left at the curb-side. The good news is that most recycling centers will accept rubber dropped off by residents in person. I've you're looking for a 100% recyclable material alternative to rubber, check out our revolutionary thermoplastic elastomer material information.

Rubber Bath Mats by SlipX Solutions

Large Rubber Bath Mat

Our full length, non-slip, large rubber bath mat fills the full length of your tub and stays in place using rows of suction cups. It's easy to remove, clean and dry.

Small Rubber Bath Mat

The same anti-slip properties as the large mat, but with a smaller size which make it a perfect shower floor mat.

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