100% Recyclable Materials - SlipX NEXT

The Slip-X NEXT product line if focused on three objectives, making bath products safe for your family, safe for the environment and make them perform better. Our TPE material is the answer. It's a higher performing, safer alternative for your family because they're produced without using BPAs or phthalates. The key to making our products better for the environment is to make them easy for consumers to recycle. We're confident we've done that.

How to Recycle Slip-X NEXT Products

Recycling Slip-X Solutions products made of TPE could not be easier. All the Slip-X NEXT products are 100% recyclable and can be picked up along with your normal curb-side recycling.

Our TPE material is classified as recycling class #7, but they can also be recycled with class #5 (polypropylene) and class #2 (high density polyethylene).

Slip-X NEXT Bath Products

This line is fully recyclable and we have products in every category including bath mats, bath hooks, non slip bath appliques and accessories. View our full selection of recyclable bathroom products today!