Non-Slip Shower Mats, Treads & Appliques

At SlipX® Solutions®, we produce a variety of mats, accessories, treads and non-slip bath appliques that provide safe anti-slip resistance for your bathtub and shower. Here we'll discuss the differences between the various materials we use, as well as some lesser known uses for our non-slip products.

Non-Slip Shower Appliques

Our bath traction products are available in classic designs such as our Recyclable Bath and Shower Appliques (made with TPE), as well as in cartoon inspired tub tattoo designs that your children will adore.

Recyclable Bath and Shower Appliques

Available in white and clear, these tacky appliques adhere using sturdy suction cups, making them easy to remove and clean. They'll be the last bathtub appliques you buy, unless of course you need a second set for your children's bathroom. Then you'll love our Tub Tattoos.

Clownfish Tub Tattoos

A kid approved favorite. The clownfish design is our best selling tub tattoo design. We also offer them in duck, turtle, frog and other fun designs. Shop our full selection of tub tattoos today.

Non-Slip Bath Treads

Our bath treads are currently available in two sizes (7.5 inch & 14.5 inch) and two colors (white & clear). The most common use is in the bathtub, but their strong adhesive makes them a great choice for a variety of applications including hot tubs, boats, showers and stairs.

Non-Slip Bath Mats

Our bath mats are all designed to give you added comfort, slip-resistant safety and a bit of added style. But how do our bath mats compare from style to style? That's a difficult question to answer because many factors combine to determine how secure a bath mat is in your shower or tub, and many of them differ by personal preference.

Here is an overview of the four main factors that determine the overall slip-resistance of a bath mat:

1 - Tackiness of the Material:

Our bath mats use three different materials across our line. The materials are plasticized PVC (vinyl), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and natural rubber. The TPE material is the tackiest material we use, next comes our natural rubber and finally vinyl.

2- Suction Cup Effectiveness:

Size, hold strength and quantity are important in determining how well a bath mat will adhere to the surface of your bathtub or shower. Some competing mats use adhesive rather than suction cups, but we've found that removing a bath mat that's glued can be a very troublesome process which is why all our mats use suction cups. The suction cups design in use on our bath mats has been tested to ensure a strong, reliable hold.

3 - Cushioning:

Why would cushioning matter when trying to determine how slip-resistant a bath mat is? If you think about it, the rigidity of a surface plays an important role in the ability to or not to get traction. Use this analogy, you're much more likely to slip and fall while walking on a hardwood floor than you are on a sandy beach, right? One reason why that's true is because when walking on the beach your foot will sink into the sand, whereas that's not possible on hardwood. The same relationship is true with bath mats. The cushioning provided by softer bath mats slightly absorbs the pattern of your feet while standing on it, giving you more grip than you would otherwise have while standing on a rigid mat or on the bare shower surface. Surfaces with more rigid properties have to compensate by using a more course, perhaps abrasive, surface pattern.

See the Soft Touch Bath Mat for a uniquely cushioning, comfortably soft bath mat.

4- Surface Pattern Design:

At SlipX Solutions, we offer a variety of surface and pattern designs on our bath mats. Some of our most popular designs are the Pebble Bath Mat, our large Rubber Bath Mat and the Extra Long Bath Mat. The surface designs of the rubber and extra long mats are very similar, but the pebble mat is much more unique. See the images below:

SlipX Solutions bath mats.

Pictured Bath Mats

  • Square Shower Mat
  • Extra Long Bath Mat
  • Soft Touch Bath Mat
  • Bubble Bath Mat
  • Pebble Bath Mat

Shop our full selection of non-slip bath mats today.