Why Keeping a Clean Bathmat is Important

There are several reasons to keep a clean bathmat, which includes drying it between uses. The last thing you want is to see is soap scum build-up or mineral residue from your water. Vinyl and TPE bathmats are inherently resistant to the growth of mold & bacteria, but following the following tips will help reduce the risk of growth on the surface of the material.

How To Keep it Clean

  1. After each bath or shower peel up the bath mat.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the bath mat making sure to get all the soap suds and residue off.
  3. Hang up the mat to dry.
  4. Once every week or two, feel free to toss it into the washing machine with your normal laundry (yes, all our bathmats are washing machine safe!).

Also consider trying out our shower squeegee to help you keep your shower doors crystal clear and beautiful!

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