Field of Flowers Bath Mat

Field of Flowers Bath Mat
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Available Colors:

  • Inspired by beautiful meadows of wild flowers in the spring.

  • Made of durable, high-quality vinyl.

  • Uses over 100 suction cups to firmly adhere to the tub's surface.

  • Easily machine washable.

  • 30" long x 17" wide for full tub width coverage.

Mcafee Security


Floral Bath Mat

At SlipX Solutions, we're in love with this bath mat. Our new Field of Flowers bathtub mat is available in four vibrant colors as well as crystal clear. This is a great bath mat for those looking to add a splash of color to their bathroom or in need of matching other colorful bathroom decor. In addition to the visual design and striking color pallet, this mat feels amazing under-foot. The carefully designed pattern provide complexity that gives you a certain subtle sense of security, knowing that you're on sure footing.

Recommended Care

The Field of Flowers Bath Mat is fully machine washable. We recommend removing the mat after each use to allow it to fully dry. The best way is to drape the mat over the side of the tub. Alternatively, you can actually stick the mat to the tub surround in a vertical or horizontal position and let gravity work. Allowing the mat to air-dry will help to prevent surface mold from growing between occasional washing.

Slip Resistant Features

This bath mat has three distinct features that allow it to be a slip resistance champion. First, the texture and design of this bath mat provides ample grip between its top surface and the soles of your feet, which is the first step to ensure non-slip security in your bathtub. Secondly, this bath mat is wider than most bath mats. The extra width is important because it means you're less likely to step off the side of the mat while moving around in the shower. The last, and arguably the most important, non-slip feature is the amount of suction cups this mat has. We use over 100 cups because once you place your mat down on the tub's surface, you need to be confident that it will not move underfoot and that's what we guarantee.


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