Adhesive 14.5 Inch Bath Treads (8 Count)

Adhesive 14.5 Inch Bath Treads (8 Count)
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  • Improve traction and safety on all kinds of slippery surfaces.

  • Perfect for bathtubs, showers, hot tubs, boats and stairs.

  • Easy to install, just peel and stick! Reliable grip, year after year.

  • 8 treads per package.

  • Individual tread size: 14 1/2" long x 3/4" wide.

  • Intended primarily for use on porcelain, fiberglass, stone and wood surfaces.

  • Designed for use on smooth surfaces. Some surface textures may affect adhesion.

I bought this item 3 years ago before we remodeled our bathroom. After not having them for awhile I discovered that I really needed them so the children would not slip in the tub. They work perfect because they are small and clear. It's a great product.

Felicia H., on her SlipX Safety Treads

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Non Slip Bathtub Treads

Choose SlipX Solutions® for your non slip safety needs. Proven and practical, our 14.5" bath safety strips adhere to porcelain, fiberglass and wood surfaces with sticky adhesive that is meant to last.

How To Install Bathtub Treads

How you install your treads is very important. Improper installation can cause your new treads to start peeling long before they should. Each package comes with detailed installation instructions on the back of the package. However, we've also created detailed online installation instructions that apply to adhesive treads as well as bath appliques.

A Customer DIY Example

We always love when our customers write or call to tell us about the innovative ways they use our products. The creativity and diversity always brings joy to the SlipX Solutions staff.

Stephen recently called to tell us how he used our 14.5 Inch Bath Treads to fix a slippery situation in his newly finished do-it-yourself shower project.

Steve's story:

"After many long hours of DIY hard work I felt I had created, what I believed to be, a beautiful perfect shower retreat. Unfortunately the granite when wet was worse than any skating rink you could ever imagine.

I searched the internet for various chemical applications. I also considered renting a sandblaster and etching some sort of design into the granite bench. Fortunately I came across your website at SlipX Solutions and decided to purchase your 14.5 inch clear treads.

The treads are nearly invisible and the beauty of the granite can still be seen. However, the most important part of purchasing your product is that it has prevented me from making expensive repairs or have to choose an ugly rubber mat to cover the beautiful granite. Thank you very much SlipX Solutions for a product that so far is keeping me right where I belong, on the seat enjoying the benefits of my hard work and relaxing retreat."

Sincerely, Steve from Maryland


Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Excellent adhesion, finally!
Review by Peggy
Long lasting. Easy to clean. Excellent non-slip. Have tried many other products. This is the first on I would recommend. (Posted on 5/8/2016)
Review by Beverly
These strips are amazing! I feel safe in the tub for the first time in years! Going to order more for extra coverage. Would highly recommend this product. Very satisfied. (Posted on 6/24/2013)
Useful & Versatile!
Review by Bonita
I've been using your clear bath treads for many years. When I bought my house I discovered I could not put a rug under the front door in the foyer & the tile was very slippery when wet. SlipX clear safety treads came to the rescue and I don't have to worry about visitors being injured! Thank you for a great product. (Posted on 8/14/2012)

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